Amongst art and sophistication -The comprehensive renovation of the sprawling 700-m2 family home redefined its essence, transforming it into a haven that balances relaxation and entertainment. The design concept, carefully crafted, revolves around a tone-on-tone visual journey, creating a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere. This intentional design approach allows the extensive art collection to shine as a central element, becoming an integral part of the home's identity. The art pieces turn the residence into a living gallery, where each room tells a unique story and contributes to the narrative of the space. The juxtaposition of marble elements with hand-painted wall coverings introduces unique textures, creating a multi-sensory experience that further enriches the environment. The curated design elements, combined with thoughtful spatial planning, create inviting retreats within the residence. Simultaneously, the home offers a versatile backdrop for entertaining family and friends. The home becomes a dynamic setting, offering an elevated and immersive experience that defines the pinnacle of luxurious living.


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