Fade has a unique and compelling aesthetic with its dusty colours that gradually fade into a brushed and worn appearance. This fading effect adds character to the rug and raises a sense of nostalgia, as if the rug has been weathered over time.

The variation in pile thickness, from a full pile to a virtually imperceptible pile, adds another dimension to the design. This subtle texture enhances the overall visual appeal without being overpowering.

The interplay of the fading colours and the thickness of the diminished pile produces a mesmerising slope effect, infusing the rug’s design with dynamism, captivating the viewer’s gaze, and evoking a palpable sense of motion.

The gradual shift and weathered appearance bestow a unique and timeless aesthetic on the rug. Spanning a spectrum from rich, muted shades to gentle hues, the rug’s colours significantly enhance its allure.

This combination of visual elements creates an immersive experience.

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Quality: Hand-tufted.

Collection: The Modern.

Material: New Zealand wool + Tencel.

Thickness: 18 mm. Fading from 14 mm to 10 mm.

Method: Cut pile.

Delivery: Estimate 6–8 weeks.

All rugs are custom-made/bespoke/made to order, especially for you; therefore, once your order is received by LMDS, it cannot be cancelled.

*Variations in pattern, colour, and size should not be regarded as a fault or claim. (**See terms and conditions for more information.)

LM Design Studio does offer a 3-year guarantee on colour fading and unwanted thread torning. In the unlikely event such issues arise, we will promptly provide you with a new rug at no additional cost.

*Due to the hand-made properties of each rug, there might be slight variations in pattern, colour, and size, which contribute to each rug’s unique character and personality, something we truly treasure.

*Please note that the colours on screen might differ slightly from the colour of the actual product. Each rug is named after a colour. This is only meant as an approximate reference and might not be the accurate colour of the rug.

*These natural variations in pattern, colour, and size should not be considered defects. For further details, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Samples are available upon request.

LMDS offers additional sizes, shapes, and colour options. A surcharge may apply.

Hand-knotted options are available by contacting LMDS:  Create@LMDesignStudio.no


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