Amura Lab – Lapis sofa

Lapis is a design that draws inspiration from organic shapes and incorporates them into a unique and immersive relaxation experience. This innovative approach to relaxation offers a refreshing departure from traditional designs, focusing on natural forms and textures.

The design embraces the concept of organic shapes, with modular elements that emerge almost naturally from an archaic pavement, reminiscent of the earth’s origins. These shaped volumes, softened by the flow of time, create a visually intriguing and peaceful environment.

One of the key features of Lapis is its versatility. The modular elements can be arranged in different sizes and combinations, allowing for customization to fit various spaces and needs. Whether opting for a classic and traditional shape or an irregular and free combination, Lapis offers flexibility in design.

Comfort is a priority in the Lapis design. The padding is made of memory foam, which provides excellent resilience and retains its shape over time. The use of this material ensures a comfortable and supportive experience for users, enhancing their overall relaxation and wellbeing.

The design of Lapis is both simple and refined, combining a contemporary aesthetic with the recognition of the temporal dimension as a vital element of human wellbeing.

Lapis was awarded the prestigious ArchiProducts Design Award in 2020. This accolade highlights the innovative design of Lapis, solidifying its position as a noteworthy and influential piece in the world of furniture design.


E003 – Ortisei Cream Bouclé (01).

E003 – Nobilis Green velvet (18).

E003 – Nobilis Blue velvet (25).


12 000

FURNITURE: For purchase and shipping quote contact:

Frame: Solid wood and multiply.

Suspensions: Rubber and polypropylene belts.

Seat, back, and armrest: Polyurethane foam, density of 30 kg/m2, and memory foam.

Upholstery: Polyurethane foam in different densities and memory foam.

Feet: Non-slip.

Measure: 296 L x 70 H x 106 D.
Seat: 74 D-44 H. Chaise: 200 L.


E003: Ortisei cream bouclè (01).

Composition: 45%co. 15%wo. 13%ac. 19%vi. 8%ny.

Weight:950gr/mtl. Pilling: 4 cycles (UNI EN ISO 12945-2). Dray washing:4,8/-4,4-3,1/-1,3 (UNI EN ISO 3175-2:2010).

Dry rubbing: 4-5 (UNI EN ISO 105 X 12:2016). Wet rubbing: 4-5 (UNI EN ISO 105 X 12:2016).

Fastness to light: 5 (ISO 105B02:2014). Tear strength: 194,5 N (UNI EN ISO 13937-3:2002).

Tensile strength: 640 N (UNI EN ISO 13934-2:2014). Strength of the seams: 7,1 mm; weft: 9,8 mm (UNI EN ISO 13936-2).

E003: Nobilis green velvet (18).

E003: Nobilis blue velvet (25).

Composition: 100% cotton.

Dyeing:Reactive dyes. Weight:620gr/ml.Abrasion: >65.000 cycles (UNI EN ISO 12947-2).

Pilling: 5 cycles (UNI EN ISO 12945-2).Fastness to light: 6 (UNI EN ISO 105-B02).

Manufactured in Italy.

Delivery: Estimate 10–12 weeks.

All products are made to order/custom.

*Custom items are made especially for you and are, therefore, non-returnable.
Once the order is received by the manufacturer, it cannot be cancelled.

*The samples of the materials are an approximate reference; the appearance of the finishes may vary because of the nature of the product itself.
This is an indication only. Colours might differ slightly from the colours shown on screen.
*These variations in pattern, colour, and size should not be regarded as a fault or claim. (See terms and conditions for more information.)


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