A New Persian – Colour Splash Deraxšân

The New Persian collection of hand-knotted rugs blends traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design principles, resulting in a truly fascinating range of floor coverings.

The production of these rugs utilises high-quality materials such as Himalayan wool, natural silk, and mohair. This commitment to using premium materials ensures that the rugs are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. In fact, they are treasured as works of art that can be passed down as cherished family heirlooms for generations.

The New Persian collection features a combination of contemporary and traditional styles. Some rugs showcase modern patterns meticulously carved onto the canvas, while others exude a faded, deconstructed, and vintage feel. This blend of styles creates a unique and captivating aesthetic that sets these rugs apart.

The use of natural dyes and materials, along with elaborate motifs and careful weaving, results in a distinct fusion of bold contemporary artistry and timeless beauty. Each rug in the collection has its own character, with colours and patterns that complement and contrast one another, creating a visually striking and harmonious composition.

Additionally, some rugs in the collection exhibit avant-garde expressions, pushing the boundaries of traditional rug design and offering a truly unique and individualistic statement piece. The New Persian rugs are exquisite works of art that add depth, beauty, and luxury to any interior. With their exceptional craftsmanship and distinct aesthetic, these rugs are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Colour Splash Xâestari/Grey + Colour Splash Zard/Yellow 

An artistic expression that embraces the richness of traditional patterns and weaves while blending them with contemporary ideas. This fusion represents a crossroads of time and ideas. It acknowledges the importance of heritage and craftsmanship while embracing innovation and modernity and telling a story of cultural evolution and the transcendent power of creativity. The design showcases a cornucopia of joy, and the colour palette used is vibrant and lively.

Colour Splash Kerem/Cream 

The main colour theme revolves around pale and soft tones, with Kerem (a soft, muted shade) and Cream (a light, off-white colour) serving as the foundational hues. These colours provide a neutral and soothing backdrop for the design. This particular design limits the contemporary colour splash palette to only a few vibrant shades, maintaining a restrained and cohesive look. The subdued background colours allow the vibrant splashes to take centre stage without overwhelming the overall aesthetic, resulting in an engaging composition.

Colour Splash Deraxšân/Vivid 

The traditional Persian motif and weave are given prominence. The rich heritage and intricate beauty of Persian craftsmanship are celebrated in a captivating manner. To enhance the visual impact, the splash pattern takes on a more subdued role. It is set back and positioned almost inside the canvas of the rug, creating a subtle backdrop for the traditional elements to shine. The splash pattern serves as a complementary accent rather than the main focus, as the design pays homage to timeless beauty while incorporating a touch of contemporary flair, resulting in a compelling and balanced rug.

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Quality: Hand-knotted.

Collection: The New Persian.

Material: Himalayan wool + natural silk.

Thickness: 4 mm.

Method: Cut pile high and low with carving.

Delivery: Estimate 14–16 weeks.

All rugs are custom-made/bespoke/made to order, especially for you; therefore, once your order is received by LMDS, it cannot be cancelled.

*Variations in pattern, colour, and size should not be regarded as a fault or claim. (**See terms and conditions for more information.)

LM Design Studio does offer a 3-year guarantee on colour fading and unwanted thread torning. In the unlikely event such issues arise, we will promptly provide you with a new rug at no additional cost.**

*Due to the hand-made properties of each rug, there might be slight variations in pattern, colour, and size, which contribute to each rug’s unique character and personality, something we truly treasure.

*Please note that the colours on screen might differ slightly from the colour of the actual product. Each rug is named after a colour. This is only meant as an approximate reference and might not be the accurate colour of the rug.

*These natural variations in pattern, colour, and size should not be considered defects. For further details, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Samples are available upon request.


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