The Aesthete Collection

The Aesthete Collection is the result of an insatiable thirst to create. Designing the rugs reminded me of what joy and happiness are when I had forgotten what loving life felt like.

The design process has been one of curiosity and freedom. The result is a diverse and dynamic collection ranging from a multicoloured cornucopia to simplicity in its purest form. Movement and flow have been strong influences. I paired unexpected colour combinations that were vibrant yet pleasing to the eye.

It was crucial to let craftsmanship arise and speak its own language. I recognised the necessity of working with someone who respects the environment and protects the artisans who craft my rugs. My ethos has been authenticity, provenance, and quality. These rugs are a celebration of self-expression and individuality. Creating beauty gives life meaning.

“…..just like a dance with an endless lover…”

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