“….I love mixing textiles and patterns. It gives soul to an environment. It gives it meaning.…”

“What separates good from great design is the hand, heart, and mind behind it.

Great designers have one commonality: their inexhaustible thirst for research. Lars constantly sifts through history and the now to find unique combinations that speak to a worldly soul.
His ultra-masculine style is peppered with irony and the organic. His tailored lines echo his rigorous approach to style, but his choice of textures and colours are what make his thumbprint unique.

All that said, the characteristic I believe his clients most appreciate in Lars is his generous spirit and kind heart, which listen and then elevate his clients to their best selves.” Henrietta Southam – Interior Designer

Lars is the absolute best. He has an amazing eye for beauty, and he really listens and captures your personality in his interior designs. A true talent and a pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend.”

Jasmine – client

“Today I went to see one of your clients, and I have to admit that I was utterly awestruck by the beauty,
and taken on a unique sensory experience.
As I left, I felt the same way I do when I leave a phenomenal exhibition.
It’s great to see how much attention you placed on texture, cheek, and surprises.
Congratulations on a job well done!
Aino Jensen (Glasskunstner)

“I like his style and I think its dramatic”

Lorenzo Castillo – Interior Designer

“His design is very sleek but at the same time warm and authentic”

Baptiste Bohu – Interior Designer

“He has a refined and meticulous taste”

Fadi at The Alfred Basbous Museum

“Lars is a very committed and non-traditional designer who is responsive to the customer’s wishes and has an excellent overview of interior products. He has followed up closely throughout the project and responded almost 24/7. Lars has worked very well together with our craftsmen, which has also made the practical implementation easier. We have a resilient and non-traditional design that we would never have been able to do without inspiration from Lars. We are very satisfied with the process, and the result has been better than expected! It is well worth the money. The collaboration with Lars has made the whole process a positive and exciting experience that we will never forget. If you want help getting a home that has that little something extra and dares to deviate a little from the usual, then Lars is the right designer for you.”

Gro & Jan Helge – Kunder

“Interior design is becoming the art of the people.
Whenever I am looking for some design inspiration or just a little interior escapism,

I head straight to the interior tastemaker.
LM Design Studios instagram page
for the most breathtaking spaces and inspiring architecture.

His exceptional taste and eye are a visual feast for any interior designer.

What he doesn’t tell you is that he also happens to be a pretty incredible designer himself, creating lust-worthy interiors.”

Trilbey Gordon – Interior Designer


We thank LM Design Studio and Lars Myren for their expert guidance and good cooperation in our process of creating our new home. We are very happy with the final result; it has a modern look but a cosy atmosphere. Here, we will thrive. We can highly recommend LM Design Studio. Irene & Erik


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