“….My aim is always to make spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and innovative. A space that is unobtrusive, honest and long lasting. It is very important that rooms are understandable with useful products and a meticulous attention to details….”

LM Design Studio, led by Lars Myren, is a full-service interior and object design studio that specialises in creating personalised and visually alluring spaces. Lars believes that interior design is an artistic expression of an individual’s identity. His mission is to design rooms that not only exude beauty but also reflect the unique stories of his clients.

LM Design Studio has garnered high praise and recognition within the designer community for his distinctive approach to design. Lars himself is celebrated as a world-renowned social media tastemaker, further establishing his expertise and influence in the field.

The studio undertakes projects both domestically and internationally. The main focus is on crafting chic personal havens that possess character, personality, and a sense of timelessness. LMDS achieves this by diligently curating furniture, decor, and lighting elements that harmonise consistently with the overall design concept. In Lars’ philosophy, a home should serve as a reflection of the homeowner’s individuality and passions rather than showcasing the designer’s style.

He firmly believes the emotional connection a client has with their home is the driving force behind a personal and exceptional design. To create these compelling designs, Lars places great emphasis on understanding his clients’ lifestyles, aspirations, and design preferences. By delving into their unique perspectives, he tailors every aspect of the design to meet their specific needs and create a truly bespoke living space.

LM Design Studio’s portfolio is characterised by luxurious and well-balanced homes that exude coherence and sophistication. Through this highly personalised approach, Lars consistently delivers exceptional results that resonate with their clients on a profound level.


What LMDS does



The services are always bespoke. A client can choose from a total design package (from idea to completion), a “part-project,” or a consultation.  For detailed information about the various service options and pricing, you are invited to contact LM Design Studio directly.

The team will provide comprehensive information and assist in choosing the most suitable service package for the specific project and requirements. LM Design Studio offers digital and remote design options for all their services, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. This allows clients to collaborate with the studio regardless of their geographical location, making the design process more convenient and inclusive.



Outsourcing services to interior design firms and agencies

LMDS provides outsourcing services to interior design firms and agencies. Whether you require assistance with a project, a room, or need consultation, Lars is available to help, provide you with information, discuss your specific requirements, and address any questions or concerns you may have.



Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment 

LM Design Studio can help you purchase any furniture, lamps, light fixtures, wallpaper, hardware, art, etc. from our suppliers. Please email us your requirements.



Customisation of Rugs

LM Design Studio offers full customisation of all the rugs in The Aesthete Collection. The studio also offers a bespoke service, where we design a rug to your specifications. Rug customisation entails imprinting your distinctive personality on the pattern, size, and colour to obtain a piece that perfectly captures your preferred aesthetic.



Full Interior Design Services

This comprehensive package covers the entire design process, from conceptualisation to completion.

LMDS will work closely with the client to understand their vision, lifestyle, and requirements. The studio will then develop a personalised design concept, source materials and furnishings, oversee the construction process, and manage the project until its successful completion. The Total Design Package ensures a seamless and cohesive design experience.

The interior design service is available both “on site” and as a combination of remote design and on-site.

What is included –

  • Design and concept development
  • Floor plan and drawings
  • Furnishing plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Colour and material selection
  • Product and furniture selection
  • Design of bespoke/customised solutions
  • Visual/3D presentation
  • Detailed description
  • Obtain offers and orders
  • Purchase and procurement of hard and soft goods (fixtures, furniture, decorations, art, tiling, finishes, flooring, walls, ceilings, and equipment)
  • Follow-up delivery
  • Project management and coordination
  • On-site visits and coordination




Renovating a room can indeed be a complex and overwhelming task, especially when trying to balance various needs and design options. LM Design Studio understands the challenges involved and aims to provide a comprehensive solution that results in a well-furnished and thoughtfully designed space.

The studio focuses on creating rooms that not only cater to specific needs such as relaxation, entertainment, and comfort but also align with the overall aesthetic. By considering the holistic and functional aspects of the design, LM Design Studio ensures that the rooms seamlessly integrate with the rest of the living space, creating a balanced and harmonious environment.

Each room has its own unique set of needs and considerations. For instance, when designing an entrance or hallway, LMDS recognises the significance of creating a compelling first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the home. In the case of bedrooms, the studio guides clients through options related to colours, materials, and products to ensure a space that promotes quality sleep and relaxation. In kitchens and bathrooms, LMDS offers tailored solutions by either developing custom designs or collaborating with trusted kitchen and bathroom companies to achieve personalised and high-quality outcomes. Additionally, if there is a need to repurpose a room for a specific function, such as a library, game room, or home office, LMDS leverages its network of vendors to provide exceptional solutions that meet the client’s requirements.

By providing expertise, guidance, and access to exceptional resources, the studio strives to alleviate the challenges of room renovation and deliver spaces that are functional and reflective of the client’s vision and lifestyle.

Room by Room is offered digitally and as a remote design.

What is included in the Room-By-Room Package – 

  • Drawing of the existing layout
  • Proposal for fixed furnishings
  • Suggestions for loose furniture (Also includes rugs, curtains, pillows and bookshelves.)
  • Suggestions for colours and materials, style, and atmosphere
  • Furniture plan: floor plans with furniture in the correct size
  • Designing smart and bespoke solution to maximise space and comfort
  • Remodelling plan: new walls, demolished or existing walls
  • Lighting plan and fitting proposal
  • Colour and material description on the floor plan
  • The proposals are presented in a digital document (pdf) and in 3D



Colour Story/Colour Story+

The Colour Story created by LM Design Studio takes into account various factors, such as the room’s purpose, natural lighting conditions, existing decor elements, and the client’s desired mood or style. By considering these aspects, the studio ensures that the chosen colours not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the functionality and overall coherence of the space.

In addition to the colour palette, LMDS offers an optional package called “Colour Story+” , which provides recommendations for furniture, upholstery fabric, and curtains that align with the chosen colour scheme. This package serves as a comprehensive guide, assisting clients in making informed decisions about these key design elements. In addition to taking durability, comfort, and personal preferences into account, LMDS carefully curates its suggestions to produce a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Colour Story/Colour Story+ is offered digitally and as a remote design.

What is included in the Colour Story package –

  • Colour and material palette for all room surfaces, as well as stairs and doors (suggested wall colours, wallpaper, type of floors, moulding colour and type, door colour, tiles, and ceiling colour)
  • This package requires that I receive a floor plan in order to place colours with the correct reference
  • The proposals are presented digitally (in pdf)

Colour Story+

  • Same as above
  • Suggestions and plans for furniture, upholstery fabric, and curtains (suggested brand, sizes, type, colours, pattern, etc.)







LM Design Studio provides consultation services for clients seeking professional advice and guidance on their design projects. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, discussing design concepts, or seeking expert opinions on specific design challenges, Lars is available to offer expertise and insights. Consultations can be conducted remotely or in person, depending on the client’s preference and location.

Consultation is perfect for –

  • Those who don’t have time for an ordinary design process but want help with the most critical choices
  • Those who love planning, finding colours, materials, and furniture themselves but want a professional adviser who can help elevate their project LMDS help to ensure the quality of the layout or lighting plan, as well as to ensure that colours and materials harmonise and provide appealing transitions between the rooms

I offer consultation in various time frames –

Internal preparations and reviewing submitted material take up 1-2 hours for each package.

4 hours

  • Include preparation, design concept, and presentation (discussion, feedback, and input).

6 hours.

  • Include preparation, design concept, and presentation (discussion, feedback, and input). Follow-up meeting.

Consulting is not offered for larger projects.

Gift Cards

For the ultimate gift, you can wrap me up and give me away as a present. To inquire about gift card options, pricing, or any other details, please contact LM Design Studio.



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